Crosscreek continues with Bittree

Crosscreek Television Productions is continuing to upgrade its fleet of mobile production vehicles with Bittree's state-of-the-art programmable audio patching systems. Crosscreek's newest project with Bittree is Voyager 11, an all-HD, 53ft expando trailer that offers the largest production area of any truck in the company's fleet.

Crosscreek’s partnership with Bittree goes back to the 1990s, and every truck in its fleet depends on Bittree patching systems. Since live sports production is the company’s primary focus, there's no room for error, and equipment changes often have to be made on the fly. The Bittree patchbays are highly reliable, and they always perform as specified. Bittree's unique programmable patching means engineers can quickly change the normalling with a single jumper, a highly valuable capability as the company adapts its trucks for different types of productions over time.

The latest addition to the Crosscreek line-up, Voyager 11, is a complete rebuild of one of the company's original SD trucks to equip it for full HD production. Voyager 11 features a Grass Valley Kalypso switcher, eight Sony HDC cameras, a Calrec Artemis Light audio console and PESA Jaguar routers. The audio production chain is tied together with 24 Bittree high-density TT Bantam patchbays with an E90 rear interface.

One of the main objectives with Voyager 11 was to build an economical truck in the most cost-effective manner possible. Bittree helped in this regard with very competitive pricing. Bittree also was able to provide a shallow chassis depth that allows Voyager 11 to maximize available space without sacrificing performance.