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Co-sponsored digital ENG seminar nears

The ATSC and SBE are co-sponsoring a half-day seminar on digital electronic news gathering Feb. 21 in Palm Springs, CA.

The event, which will be held as part of the 11th Annual Hollywood Post Alliance Technology Retreat, will feature presentations from such industry luminaries as Dane Ericksen of Hammett and Edison, Merrill Weiss of the Merrill Weiss Group, Matthew Goldberg of TANDBERG Television, Pat Waddell of Harmonic, John Wood of MRC, Kurt Loheit of Boeing and Mark Dale.

The seminar will include sessions on:

  • Progress on development of data return link systems with a report on the current work of the ATSC to develop specifications for DRL use and systems
  • DRL system implementation, including an outline of possible application extensions for data return link systems
  • The next generation of video codecs, including an overview and comparison
  • What advanced codecs mean to digital ENG
  • HDTV via ENG
  • The challenges and solutions of transmitting uncompressed HD via line-of-sight systems
  • DVB-S2, the next-generation satellite transmission standard
  • ENG spectrum issues, including what broadcasters might face in the future.

Online registration ends Feb. 16, or when the event is full.

To register, visit

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