Commission seeks comment on rules for use of some 700MHz bands

The FCC adopted a Notice of Proposed Rule Making Aug. 3 seeking comment on possible changes to the rules covering wireless licenses in the 698-746MHz, 747-762MHz and 777MHz-792MHz spectrum bands.

The bands do not include the 700MHz guard bands nor portions of the 700MHz band allocated for public safety services.

The Digital Television and Public Safety Act of 2005 (DTV Act) requires the FCC to begin auctioning previously unauctioned spectrum in this band no later than Jan. 28, 2008.

Changes resulting from the DTV Act affecting the 700MHz band and the four intervening years since the FCC established band plans and service rules for the spectrum prompted the commission to revisit the issue.

In the notice, the FCC is seeking comment on the possibility of modifying the size of the geographic service areas and spectrum blocks and on revising the performance requirements for the portions of the 700MHz band not yet auctioned. The FCC also wants comments on issues, such as license renewal, license terms and power limits, related to auctioned and unauctioned spectrum in the 698MHz-746MHz, 747MHz-762MHz and 777MHz-792MHz bands.

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