Codian adds advanced AES and AAC encryption coding

At InfoComm, Codian announced its support for H.235 AES and MPEG-4 AAC on its video conferencing platforms. With an increased need for data and IP security both within organizations and across the Internet, Codian’s 128-bit key provides encryption of the video and audio media while providing interoperability with major endpoint vendors, such as Tandberg and Polycom.

Last month, Codian announced support for the Polycom Siren14 wideband audio technology. With this announcement, Codian is the only company to implement both AAC and Siren14 and so simultaneously support HD Audio from all major endpoint vendors. Like Polycom Siren14, the AAC codec produces high-quality audio for video conferencing without high bandwidth consumption. The firm cited Tandberg, Polycom and Sony endpoints, each of which supports a high-quality wideband codec, but not the same one. In point-to-point calls, a legacy codec will be negotiated, but when communicating through a Codian MCU each will use its best audio codec.

Codian cites these incremental improvements to video conferencing products as ongoing examples of increasing customer value through software updates to its products. These new features will be included in software updates for the Codian MCU 4200 scheduled for release next month. The update is free to all customers holding current Codian support contracts.

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