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CNN to use new compression equipment for live, low-data rate reports

CNN will use Streambox ACT-L3, an SNG and ENG solution, to compress and transmit live news reports over low data rate satellite, wireless and wired IP-based networks.

Streambox ACT-L3 is a newsgathering solution that gives broadcasters a new way to gather live news over lower cost satellite and IP-based networks. It is a turn on, point-and-shoot system that integrates with existing SNG and ENG tools. Its advanced capabilities deliver high-quality video compression and reliable transmission over IP and other packet-based networks.

CNN uses low data rate satellite and IP-based networks to gather live news from field reporters and bureaus around the world.

The ACT-L3 video transport solution with high-quality compression and advanced error correction technology lets field reporters in remote parts of the world use portable Streambox ACT-L3 encoders to report live via Inmarsat satellite video phones. Fixed ACT-L3 video encoders are being used in CNN bureaus to transmit live and stored video over IP-based networks to the CNN center in Atlanta.

Under the agreement with Streambox, the company will provide CNN with ACT-L3 video transport encoders and decoders and the ACT-L3 QuickTime CODEC. The solutions contain ACT-L3 video compression, advanced forward error correction, packet rate shaping to control overflow, and advanced system software.

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