Claxson delivers sci-fi and 24/7 music programming to U.S. viewers with Genesis Networks

Genesis Networks, a provider of global video transmission services, has announced that Claxson Interactive Group is using the company's turnkey, fully managed satellite distribution solution to supply programming to the U.S. and Canadian cable marketplaces via Genesis Networks cable distribution platform on Galaxy 23 (121 West).

Claxson Interactive Group is a multimedia company that provides and distributes branded entertainment content to Spanish and Portuguese audiences around the world.

The service will deliver 24/7 music on the HTV channel and science fiction programming on Infinito from the Genesis Networks' teleport in New York. Genesis Networks will additionally provide commercial insertion services allowing the overlay of U.S. commercial content onto the program feed from Latin America.

Genesis provides turnkey occasional and full-time distribution services via teleport facilities in the U.S., Europe and South America, and special event coverage via C-band and Ku transportables. Genesis Networks provides a seamless end-to-end global service via fully meshed satellite and fiber-optic network and turnkey distribution solutions, managing all aspects of the distribution service, including full-time uplinking, transponder capacity, all required hardware, 24/7 affiliate authorization and support services, and network affiliate database management services.

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