CHUM CityTV Toronto news operations go tapeless

CHUM Television’s Citytv Toronto recently transitioned to digital nonlinear video acquisition and editing with the purchase of Ikegami DNS-33W Editcam3 tapeless camcorders.

CHUM Television’s commitment to tapeless acquisition extends beyond the 34 Ikegami DNS-33W’s being deployed at Citytv Toronto. An additional 13 DNS-33W’s are going to sister station Citytv Vancouver, with two more slated for CHUM’s Alberta stations. The camcorders’ features, such as Retroloop, Intelligent Recording and Timelapse Recording, are bringing gains in efficiency to the stations’ acquisition and editing operations.

Citytv’s camera operators and editors are realizing major gains in efficiency from the Editcam3’s Retroloop function, which allows shooters to save video of events after they have occurred. In Retroloop mode, the video is recorded to a 5- to 8-second buffer, but only saved when the cameraperson presses the record button.

Citytv Toronto’s news crews found that the camcorder’s ergonomics made for a seamless transition. The broadcaster changed out 34 cameras in its Toronto facility to Editcam at once, as well as changed from tape-based editing to the Avid NewsCutter.

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