Canon unveils Super Telephoto eHDxs lens

The new Canon Super Telephoto eHDxs portable lens offers a focal-length range of 28mm to 500mm (1000mm with built-in 2X extender), weighs less than 6lbs and requires no supporter for maximum mobility.

Well-suited for sports, stabilized helicopter mounts, documentaries, special events, or live reality programming, Canon’s HJ18ex28B IASE Super Telephoto HD lens captures extremely long-distance images with ease.

The HJ18ex28B IASE lens includes Canon’s Enhanced Digital eDrive and a built-in focus motor as well as zoom and iris motors traditionally found in portable ENG/EFP lenses.

Part of the Canon eHDxs lens family, the HJ18ex28B IASE lens comes with Canon’s X-Element and Power Optical System for high-quality optics and the advanced capabilities of Canon's Enhanced Digital eDrive. Canon eDrive digital capabilities include microprocessor-driven servo control of iris, zoom and focus, along with position memory and user-defined functionality.

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