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Cambridge Imaging Systems to launch DVB MUX converter at IBC2007

Cambridge Imaging Systems will launch T-Gate, a new efficient way to manage enterprise digital TV, at IBC2007. T-Gate is a DVB-T to IP gateway that converts the input to several multicast UDP streams. For digital terrestrial and satellite TV, the unit can receive and filter an entire DVB multiplex.

Using a single T-Gate blade, a number of digital terrestrial TV or radio services can be transferred to standard Ethernet networks using TCP/IP. For users who require a more efficient DVB-S to IP gateway, Cambridge Imaging Systems is launching T-Gate’s sibling system, S-Gate.

Cambridge Imaging Systems will demonstrate the ways in which its off-air recording facility interfaces with Spectra Logic’s versatile tape libraries. The Box of Broadcast (BoB) system developed by the company holds entire TV programs as digital files on hard disk in a rolling archive and allows a range of functions such as transcoding to lower bit rates and user clip selection of broadcast programs.

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