Bock Audio names TransAudio Group as U.S. distributor

Las Vegas-based TransAudio Group has been named as the U.S. distributor and marketer for Bock Audio, maker of custom microphones for the recording industry. The mic company was recently founded earlier this year by microphone guru David Bock, the highly experienced builder and modifier of large diaphragm tube mics.

Bock Audio's purpose is to deliver the highest possible performance and long-term usefulness in new studio microphones, using its founder’s understanding of how materials, design and build give vintage microphones their distinctive sounds. During his career, Bock has customized microphones for top recording engineers. He cut his teeth as a tech at prestigious studios like Hit Factory, Ocean Way and Hyde Street before co-founding Soundelux Microphones in 1996.

Bock Audio manufactures three models, all designed by Bock himself: the 195 (previously known as the U195), the 151 (formerly named E251C) and the 251 (previously called ELUX251). All three models are now shipping.

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