Axcera announces echo-canceling repeater for Innovator LX series

The system offers low insertion delay for DVB-T/DVB-H operations.
Axcera’s newest addition to the Innovator LX line is its LX DVB-T/DVB-H echo-canceling repeater.

Axcera has developed an echo-canceling repeater version of its Innovator LX DVB-T/DVB-H transmitter, designed with an overall insertion delay of as low as 6μs to ensure minimal impact on the guard band margin.

The Innovator LX series DVB-T/DVB-H echo-canceling repeater is available in average DVB power levels of 5W to 1850W, and includes a modular exciter/control chassis and efficient LDMOS transistors for linear operation. Users can remotely control and monitor the repeater through an available Web browser/SNMP interface, which allows parameters to be accessed from a computer with an Internet connection.

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