Auralex Acoustics introduces SonoSuede Pro at AES

Auralex Acoustics announced the AES introduction of the SonoSuede Pro System, a highly decorative and complete do-it-yourself acoustical room treatment system. The system’s primary benefits include control of first reflections and low frequency anomalies, making it appropriate for both professional and home recording studios.

The SonoSuede Pro System is a cost-effective solution offering a multitude of decorative options. Components include four 16in x 48in x 2in back-beveled panels predominantly used for corner trapping, and eight 16in x48in x1in rectangular back-beveled panels for a total of 64ft2. Additionally, the system’s unique mounting blocks provide superior acoustic and exceptional aesthetic benefits. Stock color combinations are black/red and black/tan, with custom combinations and individual panels available as custom orders.

For more information, visit booth 1605 at AES or visit