Ascent Media Group expands global distribution network with Viia

Ascent Media Group (AMG) has expanded its global media distribution network that operates as an integrated component of its Viia suite of file-based services. The network, which connects Ascent locations and key client sites, is specifically designed to meet the professional media industry’s demanding requirements for speed, security and reliability.

Through a combination of dedicated fiber links and open Internet bandwidth, the Ascent network allows studios, TV networks and other content owners to quickly, easily move media files around the world. This function has traditionally been accomplished by physically shipping tapes and film.

The Ascent network can move files ranging from 30-second clips to full-length feature films. It also carries live TV signals for those applications where even file delivery is not fast enough, giving media companies access to a full complement of transport options. The network moves content between the company’s four main digital distribution centers in Los Angeles, New York, London and Singapore as well as to more than 30 smaller facilities and client sites around the world.

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