Anton/Bauer rolls out AB-HDRF System

Anton/Bauer has introduced its AB-HDRF System. The compact 5.8GHz COFDM RF system can transmit a robust HD signal over great distances, all while being powered by Anton/Bauer batteries.

The system is a collaboration between Anton/Bauer and Vitec Group sister company Integrated Microwave Technologies. The AB-HDTX sends its signal directly to the AB-HDRX dual-diversity receiver or the DirectVu handheld confidence monitor/receiver. The unit's size makes it ideal for reality-based, ENG/EFP and live event coverage.

The AB-HDRF System has an RF output of 100mW and is capable of accepting a wide range of HD/SD video formats, along with embedded audio from the HD-SDI output on the camera. The use of MPEG-4 compression allows the signal to travel a half-mile in line-of-site applications. The system offers users the flexibility to choose between 12 different channels in which to transmit, ensure the least amount of interference.