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ActiveVideo Networks introduces CloudTV H5 IP

ActiveVideo Networks has unveiled its CloudTV H5 IP product that optimizes the delivery of cloud-based content in an IP environment.

Leveraging ActiveVideo's experience with managed and unmanaged networks, CloudTV H5 IP adds features such as virtualization, full H.264 support and comprehensive bandwidth management to its CloudTV HTML5 rendering platform.

Integrating with other cloud-based cable initiatives, such as network DVR and cloud-based guides, the CloudTV H5 IP platform is an important part of the emerging IP ecosystem.

Like its QAM counterparts, CloudTV H5 IP uses highly optimized HTML5 browser technology running in remote servers to execute and render complete user experiences in the cloud. The fully formed user experience is then streamed to the user's device in a bandwidth-efficient adaptive bit rate video stream. Subscribers control the experience by using their remote controls to send key presses to the remote browser, controlling the application in the same way as they would if it were running locally.