ZT Online RPG employs Dolby Axon 3D voice technology

Giant Interactive Group plans to integrate Dolby Laboratories’ Axon 3D voice technology into ZT Online, its multiplayer online role playing game.

ZT Online, or Zheng Tu in Chinese, has an ancient Chinese martial arts theme and currently is played by 2.1 million online users. It will incorporate Dolby Axon 3D voice to help identify the location of allies and foes and further personalize players’ characters with voice fonts.

Axon delivers an immersing, realistic voice experience complete with surround panning and distance attenuation. An occlusion engine dynamically responds to game geometry, enabling gamers to experience voice communication that matches the game environment.

Voice fonts allow gamers to take on the vocal attributes of game characters, which can range from a high-pitched elf voice to the dark and sinister tones of an ogre. Dolby’s voice pipeline delivers a clear voice experience free of unwanted noise, echo, clipping and leveling problems. And a flexible API offers creative integration and game play options to developers, including the ability to create new voice experiences in games.