Ziff-Davis Media creates HDTV lab

Ziff-Davis Media has created a new laboratory in San Francisco that’s dedicated to testing HDTV sets and projectors for PCMag.com and ExtremeTech.com.

Lab analysts will test and evaluate new HDTV products, focusing on available units and those that offer unique features or new technologies. Test equipment in the new lab include: a Sencore VOP920 video player; the VP403, an HDTV test pattern generator, that outputs a variety of clean test patterns; a DVD player that supports both SACD and DVD audio multichannel playback; a color analyzer that senses how close the set delivers true color and a front projector testing unit that uses a high-resolution CCD to capture the entire screen.

The publisher said its reviews of HD consumer products would be simple and concise, providing an easy way for people to select the best unit for their needs. However, more detailed testing analysis and results will be posted on ExtremeTech.com, for potential buyers who want to dig deeper into the performance of various models.

For more info: www.ziffdavis.com.

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