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Zenith Promotes HDTV Products Through EPG, Ad Campaign

Zenith Electronics Corp. is working with Decisionmark Corp. to provide an interactive online electronic program guide (EPG) that television viewers can use to find HDTV programming and other information. The release of the EPG coincides with a Zenith marketing blitz designed to promote the company as a provider of advanced television products.

The EPG is a customized version of Decisionmark's Technology Retail Zone, a source of DTV reception information. Viewers can visit , enter their address and find out which local TV stations are broadcasting digitally, what programs are available in HDTV and get suggestions about antennas for optimal DTV reception at their location.

The EPG is part of Zenith's campaign to promote itself as the "ultimate high-definition authority." The company is sponsoring many of the primetime HDTV programs on CBS and all the HDTV primetime programs on ABC. Zenith hopes to emphasize products including integrated HDTVs under $1,500, plasma displays, LCD TVs, HDTV monitors and set-top boxes.