YES Says "Yay" To PESA In Trucks

(January 28, 2004) Melville, NY--PESA Switching Systems has shipped a Jaguar system to YES Productions in New Orleans, LA for use in their new digital mobile unit. YES Productions is a complete television production facility featuring studio facilities, field packages, online and nonlinear editing systems as well as two mobile production trucks. Unit I, already equipped with a PESA 64x128 Jaguar analog routing switcher as well as a 64x64 Jaguar digital routing switcher, was established in 1981. Unit II, YES Productions’ newest digital truck, was completed in August of 2003.
For Unit II, YES Productions vice president and general manager Jim Moriarty again choose the PESA Jaguar. Along with a 64x64 Jaguar analog and a 64x64 Jaguar digital routing switcher, PESA also shipped a 32x32 stereo analog audio router and forty VDAC 3101 monitor DAs.
"We choose the PESA Jaguar because of the reliability, flexibility and satisfaction with the router in our digital expando," said Moriarty. "We found the PESA router to be affordable and the software versatile and easily adapted to shows and clients. PESA offers many panel options that can be custom configured for various user applications in a show." PESA