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Yes Productions selects Ikegami multiformat HD cameras

Yes Productions, a production company and wholly owned subsidiary of WYES-TV in New Orleans, has purchased nine Ikegami HDK-79EC HDTV cameras and SE-79D expander kits for its new 53ft HD mobile production truck.

Designed to quickly convert the handheld HDK-79EC into a full field or studio configuration camera, the HDK-79EC's SE-79D system expander kit enables the camera to be outfitted with a 9in viewfinder and full studio or field box lens in a matter of minutes. The camera supports 1080i, 720p or 1080/24p HD acquisition.

The HDK-79EC uses three 2.2 million-pixel 2/3in FIT CCDs, 12-bit A/D conversion and up to 38-bit internal digital processing circuits. Additional features include advanced detail correction and a Super KNEE function for high-quality images. Nonlinear processing, such as gamma correction, is performed digitally, allowing the camera to deliver consistent high picture quality and reliability. There's also HD SDI output from the camera head and online diagnostics.

Ikegami's TA/CB-79HD triax system enhances versatility in the field, allowing triax or fiber camera cables to be used without any reconfiguration of the mobile unit.

Yes Productions previously operated a straight 48ft digital truck that was lost in the Hurricane Katrina flood, so the company decided it was time to move to full HD production. It now has two trucks, a 53ft SD digital Expando and a new 53ft HD Expando.

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