Yahoo acquires IntoNow

Yahoo has announced the acquisition of Palo Alto, CA-based TV-social networking application IntoNow. The application is available for Apple iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices. The company has indicated its is working on an app for Android.

IntoNow launched in January. The application is available for free download at the Apple iTunes store.

It only takes four to 12 seconds before IntoNow is able to identify a TV program including details such as the airdate, episode number and how far along the episode is in time. IntoNow is also able to provide additional program information with links to and can even add programs to your Netflix queue.

In addition, users are able to share what they are watching and connect with other viewers on Twitter and Facebook. The social networking scope is no doubt of significance for Yahoo as Facebook has become the No. 1 destination for users on the Web and surpassed Google as the most-visited website in March 2010, as reported by Experian Hitwise.

IntoNow uses patented indexing technology, or fingerprinting, called SoundPrint. Through SoundPrint, IntoNow is able to identify a television episode within seconds even if the program is airing live for the first time. SoundPrint uses a series of algorithms to identify a program based on the audio from the show. According to IntoNow, its reference index spans 140 million minutes of previously aired shows for the past five years, or the equivalent of 266 years of video.

The Yahoo acquisition could increase social avenues through partnering with television networks. IntoNow recently partnered with MTV Networks for a promotion for "The Jersey Shore." Users simply tagged the show while they watched and were entered to win a trip to the Season 4 premiere.
The ability to share and connect with other viewers via a free downloadable application will certainly capture fans of television and technology. In fact, two months ago, IntoNow was iTunes App of the Week.