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WUFT-TV Adopts PMM Cloud-Based Broadcast Platform

Media Management
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GAINSVILLE, Fla.—North Central Florida public television station WUFT-TV has transitioned to Media Management’s PMM cloud-based broadcast technology platform.

WUFT-TV, one of several broadcast properties of the University of Florida College of Journalism and Communications (UFCJC), made the move for the PMM operational model in June. It is being paid for by a two-year grant from the Corporation for Public Broadcasting called the “Healthy Network Initiative.” The grant covers all expenses related to the transition to PMM.

“PMM’s emphasis on maximizing technology to the benefit of public broadcasters has really taken the company to the next level,” said Randy Wright, executive director of WUFT-TV and the UFCJC’s Division of Media Properties. “We love their model and how well it’s already functioning for WUFT-TV. This has made budgeting so much simpler and the lack of any capital purchases in the future related to our master control operation is going to make our financial future much more secure.”

The PMM platform leverages the cloud, providing a technology and operations model that improved reliability and reduces future capital investment. The PMM Network Operations Center constantly monitors WUFT-TV’s programming and coordinates with WUFT-TV’s television programming and operations staff to ensure the over-the-air signal is always of the highest quality, Media Management said.

“As we expand our user base, customers are choosing PMM as a way to easily and inclusively streamline management and distribution of their programming, which can be easily implemented and operated by staff with wide-ranging background, experience and skills,” said John Studdert, president of Media Management.

More information is available on the company’s website

Phil Kurz

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