wTVision, Unitecnic provide a playout automation workflow to DirecTV

Working for Imagina US, wTVision and Unitecnic provided an end-to-end solution for two new DirecTV Latin America TV Channels.

wTVision customized its modular product, ChannelMaker, to integrate with several other broadcast technologies, with the main goal of developing a new architectural structure of two Channels — one in SD and one in HD.

The structure of this project included the ChannelMaker’s integration with:

  • a Grass Valley video server
  • a Miranda Imagestore master control switcher
  • a Snell Cygnus router
  • a ForeTV traffic 

This architecture includes redundancy of the ChannelMaker Playout for both SD and HD Channels. ChannelMaker easily manages complex channel architectures ranging from simple main/backup configurations to multi-channel, multi-station, multivendor and multi-location solutions.