WSJ: FCC to Move on Final White Space Rules

The FCC is preparing to put the final touches on its rules governing the use of white spaces, unused channels in the TV band.

According to the Wall St. Journal, top aides with FCC Julius Genachowski have been meeting with broadcasters among others, within the past month to hammer out the final details of the rules with a possible commission vote in September. Genachowski has said that he wanted the issue wrapped up by the fall.

High-tech companies, including Microsoft, Dell and Google have been lobbying for the use of white spaces because of their large range of reception and robustness. Broadcasters have opposed the FCC’s out of concerns of interference from unlicensed devices. In addition, theaters and churches, big users of wireless microphones, also affected by the commission’s white space rules, could be adversely impacted.

David Donovan, president of the Association for Maximum Service Television told WSJ that the association is working with the FCC to create a geo-location database that will protect television bands from interference from devices using white spaces.

WSJ has the story.