World Cup to Go Interactive via ATSC's DASE Standard

Korean broadcasters are using the ATSC's DASE interactive standard to provide interactive DTV services during the 2002 FIFA Korea Japan World Cup.

The Korean Data Broadcasting Trial Consortium will provide DTV services based on the DASE (DTV Application Software Environment) specifications. The consortium includes three major Korean broadcasters, a research institute, two consumer electronics manufacturers and DTV content and solution providers.

During certain major games, players' profiles, team descriptions, statistics and other information will be provided on-screen. Independent data services such as real-time traffic and weather information and World Cup news will also be aired.

The consortium will hold trials from 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily, which can be accessed with DASE-equipped receivers from Samsung, LG Electronics and Daewoo. The trials will be open to the public at demonstration areas located in eight cities hosting World Cup games and at major retailers in Seoul.

The DASE Standard is in the "Candidate" stage of approval, with the ATSC seeking implementation and technical feedback. The specifications are available at