Wohler Teams With Eyeheight on Loudness Control

WATFORD, ENGLAND: Wohler Technologies announced a licensing agreement with Eyeheight to integrate the company’s KarmAudioRT loudness control technology into a 2-RU card compatible with any Ross openGear frame.

Wohler is actively engaged in providing loudness and monitoring solutions, both through the company’s modular AMP2-16V 16-channel audio- and video-monitoring platform, and its Pandora loudness analyzer. The company recently announced that it is providing the ancillary data and captioning capabilities of its HDCC solution on the openGear platform. The KarmAudioRT integration extends Wohler’s work as an openGear partner.

The automatic perceptual loudness control offered by KarmAudioRT technology is based on ITU-R BS.1770 multichannel perceptual loudness and true peak measurements, and sophisticated proprietary correction algorithms.