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Wohler A/V monitors now support Dolby Digital Plus

Wohler Technologies has added new features for its 16-channel modular audio/video monitors to support full decoding and configuring of Dolby Digital Plus (7.1 surround-sound) signals. The compact production remote monitors (models AMP1-E16, AMP2-E16 and AMP2-E16V) also provide loudness monitoring as well as simultaneous display for up to 16 channels of embedded audio within a single, multirate 3G/HD/SD-SDI signal. They will be on display at the NAB Show in Booth N3023.

Dolby Digital Plus audio technology is being adopted by a growing number of media companies seeking to provide a more compelling HD entertainment experience, and Wohler's AMP1-16 and AMP2-16 series monitors, already deployed in the field, offer these companies convenient, adaptable solutions that can meet their current and future monitoring needs.

The newest of these monitors, the AMP2-16V, features dual 4.3in OLED displays for dedicated video monitoring, audio mixing and routing and Dolby Zoom functions. All three monitors offer robust metering and monitoring features, as well as I/O options including 3G/HD/SD-SDI, AES and analog, which combine to enable near-field monitoring for any mix of stereo and mono sources in a compact design. Each unit also features demuxed outputs of eight AES pairs and provides a reclocked loop output of the SDI signal.

The monitors also include high-resolution OLED displays with colorful 210-segment high-resolution bar graph level meters. Colors and settings for scale and range are user-selectable, along with several predefined scales and ballistics including AES, BBC and Nordic. Each displayed meter set clearly indicates the phase for stereo sources prior to output on the speakers. The AMP2-16 monitors also address key issues in DTV audio delivery, providing measurement of program loudness in adherence with ITU-1770/1771 standards.