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WLKY-TV selects Utah Scientific for upgrade to HD

WLKY-TV, the CBS affiliate in Louisville, KY, is now installing new HD/SD routing and master control switchers from Utah Scientific, in preparation for its move to digital and eventually HD broadcasting. Looking to streamline its operations, the station ordered a UTAH-400 144 x 144 router configured for 112 x 88 HD video, as well as the HD/SD-2020 digital master control switcher. WLKY currently broadcasts one analog SD stream, which will play out through the router and master control — under control of a Harris automation system — when installation is complete.

Jim Mercer, chief engineer at WLKY, said the station chose an HD-capable router even though it is still switching SD signals. Installing the UTAH-400 allows the station to pass SD signals through the router for now and save the expense of having to upgrade the router from SD to HD in the future. The UTAH-400 also makes it easy to route multiple inputs for the station's master control operations.

When installation is complete, signals from VTRs, Pinnacle video servers and multiple satellite receiving systems will be routed via the UTAH-400.

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