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With CNN ‘iReporters,’ no Place to Hide at Conventions

For those who can’t get enough of the political conventions on regular cable television, will bring just about everything—including live streaming of all major party speeches and a video archive (and transcripts) of ALL speeches. Live will have two anchors at the convention with live reports and guests throughout the convention. There will be an interactive scorecard, daily photo galleries, major moments of conventions past, and contributions from general-public “iReporters.”

Wednesday CNN marked two years of the iReporter program and said it had received more than 175,000 videos and photos from iReporters, 125,000 in the past year. Its first high-profile Baby Jessica-type event came with the Virginia Tech shootings of April 2007, when the network showed footage captured by a graduate student. It now gets about 15,000 submissions a month.

The sheer volume of potential iReporters at the conventions—anyone with a cell phone—could mean that newsworthy incidents or remarks even far from the convention stage could be on CNN within minutes.

There will be plenty of new material as well on, which delivered its one-billionth page view this week.

CNN will also use its Election Express bus to help produce both conventions from its New York control rooms.