WDRB-TV Enhances Workflow with NVerzion

SALT LAKE CITY —  WDRB-TV 41, the Louisville, Ky.,-Fox television affiliate has optimized its end-to-end file-based NVerzion automation platform through a new XPansion asset management system and other modular-based components. The station now has a new streamlined operational workflow.

“Since transitioning from a tape- to file-based workflow in 2011 and witnessing the significant operational efficiencies that we were able to achieve using NVerzion automation, we knew the NVerzion brand was perfect for our growing broadcast organization,” said Gary Schroder, chief engineer at WDRB-TV. “Because NVerzion automation is built upon a modular architecture, it easily scales to meet our current and future broadcast needs. By leveraging the high-speed, file-based workflow enabled by NVerzion automation, our station operators can rapidly manage content for each of our four channels and quickly get content on-air.”

WDRB delivers content to viewers in Louisville and surrounding towns in Kentucky and Indiana, in addition to operating My Network sister station WMYO-TV and two subchannels — Antenna TV, which distributes classic programming, and CW affiliate WBKI-TV.

To manage its subchannels, WDRB recently deployed additional NVerzion NControlMC transmission playlists; an NView database viewer; an NConvert traffic and scheduling application; XPansion storage management software and a 36-TB NVerzion TeraStore nearline storage archive system.

The new XPansion and TeraStore platforms provide WDRB with an archive/nearline storage system, as well as a hierarchical management system that manages dual video servers for daily on-air transmission requirements. XPansion speeds up operations with rules-based asset management and 48-hour scheduling by communicating with NVerzion NControl on-air playlists. Station personnel can also access the automation system to share and exchange digital content.

“After using an NVerzion file-based automation system to manage and process video content cost-effectively for two on-air channels, WDRB was able to expand its broadcast organization and support two additional subchannels that will substantially increase its revenue,” said Reed Haslam, director of sales and marketing, NVerzion.