Waves Audio releases new OneKnob plug-ins

Waves Audio has released its new OneKnob series, a set of seven plug-ins, each of which provides a particular effect controlled by a single knob. OneKnob plug-ins feature the best of Waves’ audio processes, coupled with its simplest, most intuitive interfaces ever.

The OneKnob plug-ins are perfect for situations where users don’t feel like tweaking loads of effects parameters and want to stay focused on the music.

  • OneKnob Brighter is an intelligent treble booster that adds brightness from the mid-high range up. It’s designed for brightening up a track or making it cut through the mix.
  • OneKnob Phatter is a bass booster that provides a quick way to add bottom, weight and body to bass, keys, kick drums and vocals to thicken them in the mix.
  • OneKnob Filter is a powerful, sweepable filter with switchable resonance modes, perfect for full mixes, loops, analog synths and more.
  • OneKnob Pressure is a versatile dynamics processor, ideal for percussive sources, from light, parallel-style compression to pumping and squashing.
  • OneKnob Louder effectively makes tracks louder, increasing RMS by up to 24dB.
  • OneKnob Driver is capable of everything from light overdrive to full-on distortion and sounds great as an effect for vocals, guitar, piano, synths, drums, bass and more.
  • OneKnob Wetter adds instant depth to any track, from short, bright ambiences that are felt more than heard to longer, darker spaces.