Wavecam flies over California University of Pennsylvania

Looking to provide unique POV shots, California University of Pennsylvania has installed a Wavecam overhead aerial camera system. The same system is now being used at Penn State and Villanova universities and enhances coverage on the local FOX Sports Network Pittsburgh.

The system will be used to provide critical game footage to coaches as well as engage and entertain fans by adding valuable content and sponsorship opportunities to the school’s Daktronics video board.

The Wavecam system can fly down the entire length of the field while dynamically adjusting its vertical height to the preferences of coaches or those directing the in-house production or TV broadcasts for FSN Pittsburgh. Mike Kendlick, who directs the football broadcast for California University, said that the Wavecam “provides that extra look that can’t be captured any other way.” He said they continue to find new ways to use the Wavecam with every production.

The Wavecam works with either an SD or HD camera (of various sizes) and uses multiple stabilization technologies working in concert to provide stable images in almost any weather environment. It seamlessly mounts into existing infrastructure, and the camera moves throughout a venue virtually unnoticed. Its sleek design is suspended by high-tech cables that are nearly invisible. Integrated fiber-optic cabling provides high-quality, interference-free video and audio signal transmission.

California University has ordered a second Wavecam system for Hammer Hall, its indoor athletic facility that is home to volleyball, basketball and wrestling. This second Wavecam system will be relocated to the new convocation center, which will be completed in 2011.