Ward-Beck, DaySequerra Partner on DTS for openGear

DaySequerra, a provider of DTS-based audio gear, has agreed to partner with Ward-Beck Systems Ltd. to provide DTS audio processing solutions specially designed for openGear.

Developed by Ross Video, the openGear platform utilizes an open, modular broadcast equipment architecture, that provides a full range of audio and video distribution, conversion and processing solutions, including 3G, all from multiple vendors. The new Ward-Beck products will utilize a DaySequerra DSP audio processing engine and feature proprietary DTS Neural Technologies algorithms to solve loudness issues in stereo and surround radio and TV broadcasts, transport 5.1 surround over stereo infrastructure and synthesize perfect, artifact-free, spectrally balanced stereo from mono content.

“We’re excited to work with Ward-Beck and offer DTS’ cutting-edge loudness, stereo and surround processing capabilities to openGear customers, saving them both rack space and money,” says David Day, President of DaySequerra. “Ward-Beck was our partner of choice for integrating DTS technology into the openGear system because the company is a well-respected openGear partner and has a reputation for providing high-quality, innovative solutions.”

"Ward-Beck is proud to be working with DaySequerra to deliver these next-generation DTS audio solutions in the openGear format,” says Eugene Johnson, Managing Director of Ward-Beck. “There are just so many me-too audio products in the market today. DTS technology clearly stands above the rest.”