VR ‘Game Changer’ According to CTA/NATPE Study

LAS VEGAS—Virtual Reality has the support of Hollywood, at least that’s the findings from a recent study by the Consumer Technology Association and the National Association of Television Program Executives. The study conducted 16 interviews with members of the Hollywood community, who revealed that they believe that the VR could prove to be a “game changer.”

VR offers fully immersive entertainment, and the according to the study participants are excited about expanding content creation beyond games. Among the possible offshoots include more immersive experiences into things like the horror genre, sporting events and concerts.

There are still obstacles that many in the study know need to be overcome before VR becomes the mass form of entertainment that they feel it could be. Potential hurdles include people’s comfortability with using a headset, technical issues with filming content, concerns of a solitary experience for the user, generating s sustainable model for content creation, and establishing a pathway to monetization.

With the release of VR devices like the HTC Vice, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR expected in 2016, combined with consumers experience with smartphones and video games, study participants believe that VR is not just a fad, but “a new method of storytelling that offers an entirely new platform for consumers to experience entertainment and many other types of content.

CTA expects sales of VR headsets to reach 1.2 million units in 2016, with a projected total revenue of $540 million.

CTA and NATPE revealed the results of the test during CES 2016, which runs from Jan. 6-9 in Las Vegas.