Volicon Observer creates “proof of experience” clips for cable channel monitoring

Volicon has added a triggered recording module to its Observer Remote Program Monitor (RPM) platform that helps cable operators increase service quality and customer satisfaction.

The module, an option for new and existing Observer RPM systems, automatically generates full-motion video clips of MPEG image problems and provides cable operators with a visual “proof of experience” that speeds analysis and resolution of issues in the transport stream. These video/audio clips are “triggered” by popular MPEG transport analysis and ad systems from companies such as Mixed Signals, Arris, SeaChange and IneoQuest.

By automating the recording of content affected by MPEG transport stream impairments and, in turn, generating clips that demonstrate the visual impact of those impairments, the Observer RPM enables engineers and customer service staff to respond promptly to any service issues that might affect the subscriber experience.

Volicon’s Observer RPM scans channels around the clock and automatically tests signal integrity, issues alerts (via e-mail and SNMP) and captures the problematic content when channels do not conform to pre-specified limits. The system can monitor linear content for video or audio errors such as closed captioning, audio levels, and static screen or black screen.

The triggered recording module for the Observer RPM leverages SNMP alerts from an MPEG transport stream analyzer to identify stream issues, dials the affected channel and creates an A/V clip highlighting the MPEG impairment. With access to these automatically generated clips, engineers can evaluate the severity of the issue and focus their efforts on the impairments that most affect the customer experience. The cable operator, as a result, can improve its service levels and reduce technician dispatch costs.