VizionWare introduces 15m Hi-Wirez HDMI cable

VizionWare, a Texas-based AV digital interconnect manufacturer, has announced the introduction of a 15m Hi-Wirez HDMI digital interconnect cable. Hi-Wirez combines several active digital technologies, such as image enhancement, signal balancing, digital signal processing, enhanced transmission technology and VizionWare’s Optimal Spectral Diffusion, embedded into silicon chips.

Hi-Wirez HDMI cables, which also come in lengths from 1m to 10m, are lightweight and less bulky, making them easy to install in today’s complex installation environments. Their ability to reduce EMI emissions and to resist interference generated by external sources provides greater flexibility and increased reliability in wiring runs.

Hi-Wirez digital interconnects do not require intermediate signal boosters like many of today’s competitive cable products, eliminating the need for installers to plan for and install these sometimes costly and marginally effective accessories into the cable path between the source and the receiver or display.

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