Vizio Boosts Tech of 4K TVs

IRVINE, Calif.—Vizio has rolled out the 2019 models of its 4K TVs, which feature a range of new and upgraded technology features.

Vizio now offers 10 TV models that feature wide-color-gamut quantum-dot displays; they previously only offered one. This quantum-dot technology will appear in the company’s M Series Quantum, P Series Quantum and P Series Quantum X series and will deliver up to 84% of the Rec. 2020 color-gamut standard.

Other new features for Vizio’s 4K TVs include a boost of peak brightness up to 3,000 nits in a pair of models; an increase in the number of full-array LED back-lit local-dimming zones to 480; and the incorporation of the new SmartCast 3.0 OS, which will make Vizio’s smart TVs compatible with the Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant and—following a summer firmware upgrade—Apple Siri voice assistants.

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