ViXS Does HD, Analog on One Chip

Canada's ViXS Systems has introduced what it says is the first MPEG-enabled multi-stream video chipset that can process anything from analog to high-definition video, in any standard format to any networked display device or memory media.

ViXS bills the XCode II as the first chipset that can encode and transrate multiple streams of analog and digital content in real time, including standard- and hi-def video.

ViXS said content can come from any source because XCode II processes video in any standard format, from MPEG1 to MPEG4. In addition, the encoding technology integrated into XCode II can process video frame information with better quality and at a lower bit rate than previous processors, allowing speedier transfers. Its transcoding capabilities--8X to 24X real time--can also adjust the bit rate to account for variations in processing and storage capacities of different consumer devices, ensuring that video can be displayed at the highest quality that individual devices allows.

XCode II is available now and will be distributed to consumer OEMs throughout Asia and the United States.