Vitec Develops Decoder to Manage IPTV for NASA

Vitec NASA
(Image credit: Vitec)

PARIS—Vitec is getting involved in space, as the company announced that it has collaborated with NASA to provide IPTV technology to monitor and maintain equipment on the Orion spacecraft that will be used for human missions to the moon and Mars.

IPTV technology brings enhanced capabilities that allow for video technology to be “the eyes” for NASA as to any potential problems, Vitec says.

“NASA needed a decoder that could be compatible with video feeds coming from sophisticated—but proprietary—on-board IP cameras developed by NASA and its contractors to capture video in space,” said Richard Bernard, senior product manager, Vitec.

Vitec worked with NASA to develop video decoders that are compatible with proprietary and open standards workflows. A result of this work was Vitec being able to adjust stream capture module capabilities to manage a range of feeds used for the Orion missions under different conditions and circumstances.

Vitec also claims that its hardware decoding platform ensures that video frames can be decoded and rendered on industry video standard outputs, such as HDMI or SDI, at any frame rate, frame resolution or bitrate for distribution with those working on the Orion mission at the space center.

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