Vislink and Broadcast RF Tee It Up for British Open

HEMEL HEMPSTEAD, ENGLAND – Vislink is hitting the links this weekend as it will provide live video coverage of the 144th Open Golf Championship. Broadcast RF tapped the broadcast communications equipment provider to employ its transmission and receive infrastructure to offer course-wide coverage for the second year in a row.


With a limited spectrum availability, Broadcast RF went with Vislink for its video compression and efficiency benefits, allowing for seamless HD video from the field. A combination of compact wireless camera back transmitters and a planned receive antenna network connected via fiber optic cables offers coverage of the entire 6,721 yard course.

Receive sites include Vislink’s L3025 Down Converter to feed the received signals back to the TV compound. With GPS positions of cameras being mapped in real-time, engineers are able to switch the appropriate receive antennas into the receiver/decoder for each camera for the best coverage. Broadcast RF also designed a one-man camera transmitter, which uses Vislink’s L1700 wireless microwave transmitter and Omni antenna, specifically for the Open.

The 144th Open Championship will take place from the Old Course at St. Andrews in Scotland, with coverage going from July 16-19.