Vinten Supports Retired at 35

Cinematographer Donald A. Morgan is using Vinten pedestals, supporting four Sony 1500 cameras, to shoot the new season of TVLand’s Retired at 35.

The Vinten peds were selected for their reliability and reputation as industry workhorses. Retired at 35 uses three permanent sets and between one and three swing sets in a given week, each episode is shot in two days and the cameras are very mobile.

“Our budget is conservative. We aren’t able to have the manpower or equipment for dolly work,” said the multi-Emmy Award winning Morgan. “So, we have to do shots that you would like to do with a dolly – with the Vinten peds. It’s relatively easy for our pros.”

The Vinten Vector 750 provides a center of gravity range span of 3.1 to 9.8” It can support up to 165.3 pounds, enough for a full production camera complete with accessories and monitors.

Vinten is a Vitec Group brand.