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VikinX HD3232M delivers HD routing solution for new church

Network Electronics has supplied the recently opened Church at Pinnacle Hills in Rogers, AR, with an HD VikinX system to route HD-SDI video and digital audio signals around the church's control room and complex.

Sounds Great! / SG Integration, a full-service design/build contractor specializing in sound and video systems, configured an expandable, flexible routing matrix capable of supporting an ambitious HD video display, transmission, studio and post-production system.

The heart of the Network Electronics system is an expandable VikinX HD3232M, an HD-SDI matrix router capable of growing with the church's planned development. The church also relies on the Network Electronics companion AD64x64-110 AES/EBU digital audio matrix. Two Network Electronics CP-16LC programmable control panels were installed in the control room at the director's position.

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