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Vietnam Television chooses Jampro for two antennas

Vietnam Television (VTV) has awarded a contract to Jampro Antennas to supply two high-power broadband antennas, one for VHF Band III transmission, the other for UHF. Both antennas will provide coverage of CanTho, the fifth largest city in Vietnam, and the largest city in the Mekong delta.

The JHD-HV4 is a half wave spaced, horizontally polarized flat panel, dual-dipole high-band VHF antenna that can broadcast on Band III at 174MHz to 230MHz. Rugged galvanized steel construction ensures many years of dependable performance.

VTV selected the JUHD UHF antenna for two primary reasons: its modular design gives VTV flexibility to configure various elevation patterns so coverage can be customized to suit the topographical challenges of Vietnam; its robust stainless steel construction has proven reliable in hot, wet tropical climates. Fiberglass radomes provide additional panel protection.

Jampro is also providing its own manufactured Proline brand of rigid transmission line for both installations and related RF components.