Videoframe releases new monitor wall tally control system

Videoframe has released its new monitor wall tally control system, the VNODE VF0088. The new system is flexible, interfacing to all industry Ethernet and serial tally streams. It can also interface to any number of GPI/GPO ports with full logic capability. The tally server can be configured to use PoE VNODE GPI and serial interfaces controlled over Ethernet. Time code input is provided for timed events.

VNODE includes all the features available with the Videoframe Tally Mapper. Mounting all Videoframe PoE VNODES is easy using the PoE VNODE snap-in and snap-out rack mount system. The new mounting system comes in 2RU and 4RU sizes and has adjustable mounting depth for service loops. A new single VNODE Z bracket is also available.

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