Videofied E-Mails Video of Copper Thieves

With copper theft an ongoing concern for broadcasters, some are taking to the security tools used by facilities such as power stations and corrections campuses. RSI Video Technologies, based in Minnesota, has just the thing—the Videofied.

The video security system includes a small, battery-powered unit with a motion detector and low-res day and night cameras. It easily installs unobtrusively almost anywhere. Once it detects motion; it shoots 10-seconds of Internet-style footage and sends a 250 Kb file of the questionable activity to a battery-operated base station up to 2,000 feet away, which in turn sends it anywhere else over cellphone.

A multiple-camera network can be deployed almost anywhere—at a transmitter site, for example—in a couple of hours or less.

And, one version comes with a dedicated laptop and carrying case ready for the overhead compartment—all for less than $5,000.