Video Call Center Added to Set-up of MSG Networks ‘MSG 150’

NEW YORK—Looking to serve its New York-area fan base, MSG Networks recently added The Video Call Center services to the production of its weeknight sports talk show “MSG 150,” VCC announced in a press release. VCC’s technology offers high-quality live video connections to handle interviews each night on the show.

The VCC technology is designed to be a flexible and efficient option for handling interviews with subjects regardless of where they might be. Guests can call in using a smartphone with standard mobile data or Wi-Fi connection to appear on camera without downloading specialty software. The VCC uses standard native video calling apps like Apple FaceTime and WebRTC-based Gruveo.

The calls can be viewed on MSG’s on-set monitors, while the VCC’s instant return video also lets the guest view the host on their own phone.

“MSG 150” has utilizied the VCC technology to conduct interviews with Walt “Clyde” Frazier, Mike Breen, Ken Daneyko, Jim Furyk, Mariano Rivera and Pat Shumer.