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Verizon adds 15 more HD channels in Fort Wayne

Verizon has extended its FiOS TV channel lineup in Fort Wayne, IN, with the addition of 22 new channels, including 15 more HD channels.

The move takes the total number of HD channels available in the community to 41. Additionally, Verizon is making more than 440 HD video on demand titles available per month.

The additions include sports networks, including the Big Ten Network, and new HD channels like CNBC, Bravo and USA. The next series of content additions will include more HD channels, including CNN, TBS, Lifetime, three new Starz channels and two new Showtime channels, as well as 16 new multicultural channels, the company said.

Verizon plans call for expanding the FiOS TV channel lineup this year, with a major focus on HD content. By year-end, Verizon plans to offer all available major HD programming.