VCI Solutions Announces Support for TVB ePort

VCI Solutions, a supplier of media revenue products for the broadcast and cable industries, has announced its support for the TVB ePort initiative, an open electronic platform and service of the Television Bureau of Advertising (TVB) to which any trading partner (such as a buyer or station, rep) can send any transaction (such as an order or make-good) and from which any trading partner can receive any transaction, whether national or local.

“ePort has come on strong in the past few months and VCI has worked hard with their partner vendors to provide support for that,” the company said in a statement.

In particular, VCI’s work with OneDomain will provide their common clients with the richest and quickest support for the transactions TVB has announced. This support will be available immediately when ePort is launched in November, with 484 stations signed up so far.

“As ePort comes to fruition it is important for us to help our clients and the industry understand what our involvement and commitment is toward this new way of doing business,” said Lowell Putnam, president and CEO of VCI. “ePort does not affect all of our clients, however those that are utilizing VCI’s Orion business system, OneDomain’s proposal system, and ePort will be able to take advantage of a highly streamlined workflow throughout the entire order lifecycle.”