Vantage Technology Consulting nets Archi-Tech AV Award for Dalet-based Fashion Show implementation

Vantage Technology Consulting Group recently received the Archi-Tech AV Award for its use of Dalet’s media asset management solution, DaletPlus Media Library, in the creation of the Fashion Show Media Network (FSMN). State-of-the-art video, audio, imaging, lighting and staging technologies from Dalet provided the backbone for Fashion Show’s two major venues – The Great Hall and The Plaza. Together, the Fashion Show venues encompass two million square feet of retail stores.

“The Dalet software is a crucial element in the complete integration of content, technology infrastructure, venue, and the business operations of Fashion Show media program. It provides a single point for bringing together asset management, playback scheduling, controls and business application,” said David Gales, president, Vantage Technology Consulting Group.

Several facets of the DaletPlus Media Library make the Fashion Show venues a dynamic experience. First, the product reduces the complexity of multiple venues, display types and content sources by providing a production workflow that facilitates collaboration between individuals within and outside the Fashion Show. The DaletPlus platform utilizes a single database for managing Fashion Show’s video, text and graphics. The DaletPlus media asset manager's centralizes and indexes the Media content. One simple interface allows access to production tools for media acquisition, storyboarding, editing, scheduling and show playout automation. The integrated environment and production templates with built-in business rules enable FSMN, clients, marketing and management to effortlessly book advertisements, submit/review creative, automate show playout and track advertisement revenue.

DaletPlus Media Library simultaneously schedules, choreographs and synchronizes multichannel content playout, video signal routing, multichannel audio playback, projection system control, motion system control and theatrical lighting automation triggering. The result is a synchronized choreography of imagery, motion and sound delivered throughout Fashion Show’s runways, stage and multimedia environments. Using the DaletPlus Carts module, FSMN can trigger video, lights and smoke effects manually – in coordination with live action – to dramatically increase the marketing impact of Fashion Show events. An average of four live events is scheduled each day. Each Carts element can contain specific control macros or a complete sequence of audio, video, motion and lighting events.

From the Show Central control room a single technician can use the system to monitor and operate all of the media playback functions. A network of “Media Hydrants” enables remote connection to the audiovisual infrastructure to enable staging of temporary events throughout Fashion Show. Extensive network connectivity also provides technicians access to complete DaletPlus show control operations from any data port on the property.

DaletPlus Media Library gives Fashion Show a centralized storage environment, based on Omneon servers, that supports all types of rich media that can be captured and organized from multiple sources and formats. Content types and sources in use at Fashion Show include live production feeds, archived footage, TV commercials, print ads, graphics and templates, audio and music, and automation instructions.

Flexible asset management forms allow Fashion Show to track detailed metadata about all media including advertising clientele, usage history and user rights. Media and associated metadata are stored centrally. Based on access rights, both local and remote users can retrieve, edit and distribute media quickly.

FSMN also plans to use DaletPlus as a revenue-generating source. TeamRevenue is a group-based traffic system that enables FSMN to access real-time inventory reports, sell advertising space and provide centralized billing for multiple broadcast channels. Sales representatives and agencies can access TeamRevenue through the Web, providing optimal flexibility. TeamRevenue integrates seamlessly with the automation and playout system to create rundowns.

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