Utah Scientific Receives IP Router Patent

Utah Scientific has announced that the company was awarded a U.S. patent on its 24-port managed-gigabit Ethernet workgroup Utah-400 IP router. The technology improves efficiency in movement of video over the Internet. The patent was granted on July 13 and lists Tom Harmon, Roger Thornblad, Jeff Levie and Garn Morrell as the inventors.

“Utah Scientific has more than 30 years of history with customer-responsive innovation, and the UTAH-400iP is a good example of that,” said Harmon, president and CEO of Utah Scientific. “In developing it, we not only invested many hours in R&D, we also interviewed customers, broadcast engineers, IT engineers, and industry visionaries. The culmination of all that is a significant and unique innovation in broadcast technology.”

The Utah-400 IP allows control of an IP network in real time. It is equipped with a built-in control panel, but can be upgraded to work in conjunction with Utah’s SC-4 control system, allowing integrated control of both broadcast signal and IT routing systems.